Wild Legend

Research process (in residence), installation, performance with Patrick Morarescu in the Jumming Museum, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Date June,13th. 2015 -August,30th. 2015

Venue:Gallery II, Juming Museum, Taiwan.



Outsiders Factory (CHOU I Wen, LIN Chen Wei, TAKAMORI Nobuo, TSAI Chi Min)


箸仔埔計畫 Proyecto Punto Diablos :

Artist/ Participants :

林亦軒(Lin Yi-Hsuan,Taiwan / Brazil)

Alejandra Barahona aka BARA(Guatemala) 

Marina Burana(Argentina)

Angélica Vadillo Paniagua(Mexico)

Macarena Yanez(Chile) 

1 mile² Dhaka

Catalina Africa

張恩滿 CHANG En Man

蔣瑞坑 CHIANG Jui Keng

秦政德 CHIN Cheng Te

范盛泓 FAN Sheng Hung

洪瑞麟 HUNG Jui Lin

朱銘 JU Ming

李金川 LEE Chin Chuan

黎諒良 LÊ Lạng Lương

呂寰宇 LU Phoenix

Patrick Morarescu + Irene Pascual

鈴木貴彥 SUZUKI Takahiko

陳傑強 TAN Kent Keong

王昱翔 WANG Yu Hsiang

吳其育 WU Chi Yu

楊振 YANG Chen

We reflected about the curatorial proposal of Wild Legend in different ways:
– The power of art and the artist transforming and modifying reality by using fantasy and subjectivity
– Questioning what is in fact real
– The artist as a laborer
– Legends of the North Taiwan region and its cultural identity
– The geographic site
– How audiences are reacting to “museografic” displays such as in Gold Museum or Juming Museum
– The nature of the mass tourism.