Born in Girona, Spain
Since 2018, lives and works in Mallorca

2021 Doctoral Student on ARTS AND EDUCATION program (Universitat de Girona)

2020 Master in Social Innovation by  Playground (online)

2015-2016 Museums Mediator Postgraduate (Museums Moderatorin)

2004-2006 Graduated in Stage design studies in Universität der Künste (Berlin)

2000-2004 and in Institut del Teatre (Barcelona)

1994-1999 Graduate in Art History from the University of Girona (Girona) Fine Arts studies in Escola Massana (Barcelona) and E.M.A. School of Arts (Girona)



Partycitypate AgitLab. Participative performance research. AgitLab. Águeda (Portugal)


Voilana. Immersive experience. Functional Diversity Festival. Lloret de Vistalegre (Mallorca)


Partycitypate. Participative performance. Fira B. Teatre Mar i Terra. Palma de Mallorca

Partycitypate. Participative performance. Ciclop Festival, Sineu (Mallorca)


A-brazp. Territory Festival, Ibiza


“noSaltres”. Intergenerational / participative performance. Teatre principal, Palma. Mallorca


In Love with Poetry Festival 182 ART SPACE Tainan, Taiwan

Walky Leaks / JINSHAN 15 Juming Musuem,  New Taipei City, Taiwan


Performancer in collaboration with artist Grace Euna Kim

Performancer in collaboration with artist Christian Falsnaes in the Exhibition Schwindel der Wirklichkeit at the AdK (Academy der Künste) Berlin (3 months/ 3 days weekly)

Survival Festival. At Supamoli club. With Invalid Address Collective. Berlin

Direct Action / DA*14 Festival. Institut für Alles Mögliche. Berlin

RAVY Festival 14. Yaoundé, Cameroon


Performing portraits. With Johnny Amore. Fluxus Museum. Potsdam, Germany

Golden Crust. With Invalid Address Collective. CUT Performance Festival. Blo Ateliers. Berlin


21/12/12, With Johnny Amore. Go West Festival. Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Canguelo. With Invalid Address Collective. Claustre de Maó. Menorca, Spain

PERF 12 Festival. T.E.H.D.A.S Gallery. Pori, Finland

Performance with Johnny Amore. SOFIA UNDERGROUND Festival. Sofia, Bulgaria

Performance with Invalid Address Collective. ESCAPE Festival. Supamoli, Berlin


Traces. With Johnny Amore. Blauverschievung’04 Festival. KUB Gallery. Leipzig

Traces. With Johnny Amore. Extensions Series 11. Grim Museum. Berlin

Census and the Art of Capturing data. Fishmarket Gallery. Northampton, UK

You Are What You See. With Invalid Address. HUNGER Festival. Markthalle, Berlin

MIRROR. With Lan Hung. Weekend Haus Series by IDOLON STUDIO. Berlin

Rites de Passage. With Christiana Mudra. Import/ Export. Münich, Germany


Meat me. Skanes Konstförening. Malmö, Sweeden

Umziehen. With Invalid Address. Home Sweet Home Festival, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

Archiving presence. Intermedia Festival by OFFicyna. Museum of National Art Szczecin, Poland

Interactive Shoping Center. With Johnny Amore. Diverse Universe Festival by organized by Non Grata. Pärnu, Estonia

Living Room. 25/25 Festival _ Digital and Net Art, by Videoformes. Berlin.

Gone Fisheye. With Invalid Address. Escena Plura Festival. Centre Cultural La Mercè. Girona


UnTransfer. ¿Nadie en el espejo / Nobody in the mirror? Exhibition. Kunstraum Dortmund. Germany

Gone Fisheye. With Invalid Address, Domino Loop Festival. At MIKZ. Berlin

Quarantine. Galerie Friedrichshöhe. Berlin

Gone Fisheye. With I.A. ACT Festival. Kafe Antzoki Theater Bilbao, Spain

Souvenir. Kunstraum Kreuzberg Bethanien. Berlin

Gone Fisheye. With I.A. Sophiensaele Theater. Berlin


Papa Ich bin ins Theater. With Invalid Address.Theater Haus Mitte. Berlin

Ein Berliner, Bitte. With Invalid Address. Hebbel am Ufer Theater. Berlin

Ein Berliner, Bitte! Theaterdiscounter, Berlin. AWARDED: THE BEST OF 100GRAD FESTIVAL



2016 Lab Oratorium. Scotty Space. Berlin. Germany

2014  Doppelnatur. Hilsbach Kunst Verein. Aurach, Germany

High Under Tai. Curated by Nobuo Takamori. Howl Space. Tainan. Taiwan

2012  Bestiarium Plus. Die Farberei. Munich

2011  IAC-Berlin Gallery, Berlin Galerie Miesterschueler, Berlin

2010 Bernardes de Salt, Girona

2009 Galerie Hillmer und Partner, Berlin Rosa Caleta, Berlin

2008 Galeria Ab, Granollers, Barcelona

Chealsea Art Fair, London

2007 Celia Purcell Contemporary, London, England

2005-2011 Meisterschüler Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2005 Museo de Keretaro. Keretaro, Mexico

Galeria Goytia. Celaya, Zacatecas, Mexico

Museo de Bellas Artes de León. León, Guanajuato, México

2004 Schloss Offenberg. Europaïsche Akademie. Münich

2003 Sales Municipals d’Exposició Fidel Aguilar. Girona, Spain

2002 Galeria Ca’n Pinós. Palma de Mallorca, Spain Galeria Micropunt. Begur, Spain

2001 Galeria Dirk Wiengartz. Mayen, Germany

2001 Sala d’Art Jove de la Generalitat. Barcelona

2000 Ateneu de Cadaquès. Cadaqués, Spain

1999 Sala El Tint, Ajuntament de Banyoles. Banyoles, Spain

1999 Centre Cultural La Mercè. Ajuntament de Girona. Girona, Spain


2015  Wild Legend. Curated by Outsiders Factory at the Juming Museum in New Taipei City, Tainan.

2014  Color Latent, Casa Pastors. Girona, Spain

TIME/ Live Collage. Salon am Moritzplatz. Berlin

2013  And they lived happily ever after. GlogauAIR. Berlin

E116. 48 Stunden Neuköln. Berlin

2012  Circuito Berlin. Curated by Marisa Maza. Instituto Cervantes. Berlin

2011  On/Off. Tardor de les Arts. Arts Santa Mónica. Barcelona

Sensus, in the show Sensus and the art of Capturing Data. Curated by Catherine Hemerlyk. Fishmarket Gallery. Northampton, UK

Klebe Mich. Centre Pro Culture. Brno, Check Republic

Museu D’Història de la Ciutat. Girona, Spain

Mehr Licht, a Tribute to Chema Alvargonzález. GlogauAIR. Berlin

2010  GRID Amsterdam Photography Biennial. P60. Amstelveen, Amsterdam

Melón con Jamón. Galerie Meisterschueler. Berlin

2009  Galerie Friedrichshöhe, Signals_Trhough_The_Flames. Berlin

2008  Trece Perras. Putiklub Galerie. Berlin

2007  Història d’una Convivencia. Gallery Täky. Lappeenranta, Finland / Centre Cultural La Mercè. Girona

Museu de l’Ebre. Tortosa, Spain

2003  Contemporary Art of Catalonia. Ancienne Chapelle du Rhone. Louxemburg

2002  Sieben Katalanische Malerinnen und Maler. Genovevaburg. Mayen, Germany

2001  5 Catalan Painters. International Jugendforum. Bonn, Germany

2001  5 Catalan Painters. Ateneu de Cadaqués. Cadaqués, Spain

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2015  Festung, Bühnenbild- Performance participating in the project by Sandra Man und Moritz Majce. Sophiensaele, Berlin

2013  YouTurn. Directed by Christiane Mudra. I Camp Theater. Munich

2007  Woanders Leben. Dir. Manuela Naso. Orphtheater and Hebbel Am Uffer Theater, Hau 3. Berlin

2007  Die Bitteren Tränen der Petra von Kant. Dir. Irene Mattioli. Brotfabrik Theater, Berlin

2006  Ein Tag wird Kommen. Dir. Irene Mattioli. Hildesheim Stadttheater, Germany

2006  Kuckuckskinder. Dir.Sebastian Mauksch. P14. Volksbühne Theater. Berlin

2006  Menschliche Stimme. Dir. I. Mattioli. Theatre space Areal 28, Berlin

2005-2004  Internship at the Volksbühne Theater and in the Technical Direction of the Gorki Theater, Berlin

2005  Nach dem Regen. Dir. Gerd Wameling. Udk Theatersaal, Berlin and at Akademie Theater, Munich

2004  Blut am Hals der Katze by Fassbinder. Dir. Rafel Durán. Institut Del Teatre, Barcelona

[/toggle][toggle title=”MANAGEMENT – CURATORIAL AND RESEARCH”]

2018-2019 Management, communiaction, production at EiMa (Artist in Residence Program dedicated to Movement and Contemporary Dance) and Cia Mariaintònia Oliver. Mallorca

2014-2017  Management and Production for the ReEnter Company / Creative Dojo – Minako Seki (Japanese Butoh Dance). Berlin and World

2012-2014  Collaborator and Jury Member of the project El Mur. Videoart Showcase

2007-2013  Director of the Non-profit organization GlogauAIR -Artist in Residence Programme-, Berlin ( [button url=”” color=”white”]DOWNLOAD PORTFOLIO[/button] (german)

2012  Curator and Organizer of the International Performance Festival THE SECOND at GlogauAIR, Berlin

2011  Artistic Director in the IAC-Berlin Gallery in collaboration with GlogauAIR, altering curatorial work and inviting other curators to participate. Berlin The Presence Of… Screening of video-performance works at LOOP Videoart Festival Barcelona

2010-2012  Co-organizer of the European project ELAA (European Live Art Archive), together with the Ruskin College of Fine Arts – Oxford- and the Universitat de Girona, Spain; research project consisting in the creation of an European Archive of Performance Art by the European Community Funds .[button url=”” color=”white”] See the web[/button]

2010  Organizer and curator for the HOME SWEET HOME performance and video-art Festival, in Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

Participation in Performance Eskalation Symposium in Schloss Bröllin, dedicated to performance archiving and documentation methods. Brölin, Germany

Participation in the reflection panel of the Performance festival IN SITU. ACUD Theater, Berlin

2009-2011  Coordinator of the Exchange Project Alien in My Space -Art as a Social Transformer Tool- a Grundtvig Learning partnership Program by European Community Funds

2009  Co-organizer of Videoakt, video-art Festival in the LOOP Videoart Festival of Barcelona

Curator of the exhibition Souvenir featuring 25 international artists in Kunstraum Kreuzberg/ Bethanien. Berlin

2008  Co-organizer of VIDEOAKT International Videoart Show’08 in GlogauAIR. Berlin

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Since 2018 Professor of Aesthetics, Costume and Space Design at ESADIB (Performing arts Superior School of Balear Islands), Mallorca

2015  Performance Workshop at Technical University of Tainan and in the Ming Dao University in Taichung, Taiwan.

2014  Pop Up Workshop at Vila Stuck Museum. Munich

2014  Performance Workshop at the ChenKung University. Tainan, Taiwan Lecturer at the Phd and Textile Program. Fine Arts University of Tainan. Taiwan

KlimaKunstSchule. Artists visiting Public Schools. Organized by Bildungs Cent e.V. Berlin

2013   Invited Curator at Grosses Treffen. Portfolio Review of the Nordic Embassies. Berlin

2012   Performance art Laboratory “Limitations”. Month of Peformance Art. Berlin

2008-12   Trainee Program for art manager students at GlogauAIR. In collaboration with Leonardo da Vinci Programme and Erasmus for Young Entrepeneurs of the EU commission.

2012   Creative Workshops for Children and Youngsters “Approaching Performance Art” at the Zirkus Internationale e. V. Berlin

2010   Performance Art Workshop. Fine Arts Faculty of the Ericeiyi University. Kaysery, Turkey

2003   Creative workshops Program for Children at the public libraries of Barcelona

Creative Make Up workshop at Centre Cívic Convent de Sant Agustí, Barcelona

Art workshops for adults at Centre Cívic Cotxeres de Sants, Barcelona

2002-2001   Weekend Art Workshops for children in the “Salt Public Art School”, Girona

2000   Organizing the Artistic Summer School in the Pompeu Fabra Primary School, Girona

Pop UP books workshop for the exhibition “pop Up” in Fontana d’Or Exhibition Space, Girona

2000-1999   Teaching Arts and Crafts with the angle of Art History – 2 courses / 2 times a week in the Pompeu Fabra Primary School, Girona

Guided Tours, Workshops and Pedagogic development. Museu del Cinema, Girona

1998   Weekend Guided Tours for temporary exhibitions. Museu D’Art de Girona

[/toggle][toggle title=”GRANTS”]

2014   Goethe Institute Cameroun. Performance Travel Grant

2014   High Under Tai. Travel Grant / Generalitat de Catalunya

2012   Goethe Institute Sofia, Bulgaria. Performance Travel Grant

2010   Culture / European Union, collaboration Grant / ELAA Project

2009   Grundvig / European Union, collaboration Grant / Alien in My Space

2008   The Best of Hundred Grad Festival / Performance with Invalid Address

2008   Conca Grant / Production Grant for a Performance with Invalid Address. Generalitat de Catalunya

2006   Ajuntament de Girona / Visual Artists

2004-05   Erasmus. Exchange Studies at the UdK, Berlin[/toggle][/togglegroup]

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