182 Art Space, Tainan, Taiwan 2015

Walky leaks Tainan

Walky Leaks is a series of performances that take the form of a guided tour. Based on a site  specific itinerary it moves the audiences from one point to another. One of the focuses of this  parkour experience is storytelling, with narratives that relate to the place, the space and the  territory. The objective is to immerse the public in an illusion, relating to the concept of  heterotopy, described by Michel Focault as a single real place that juxtaposes several  spaces, based on illusion.

This project developed into a series of works that I started 10 years ago, aiming to  develop strategies for an active participation of the public, challenging the habitual role of the  artist-viewer and the dramatic convention of spectatorship

“In love with poetry Festival” at 182 Art Space (2015) Tainan, Taiwan with suport of Institut Ramon Llull