Walking backwards to the future

“Walking backwards” is a poetic image of resistance and a potential form of disruption. Through a shift of attention in the present (suddenly moving in the opposite direction that is expected) we contribute to the production of futures[1]. Art can be thought of as the continual setting up of potential conditions within which the unpredictable might take place.
At the SCOTTY Laboratory Sessions we aim to produce a temporary zone that in the form of an open creative process shows the structures and skeleton of the artistic practice.
This exposure, that makes us vulnerable, operates as invitation to interaction and participation, creating a space of unification and community in the Oranienstr. 46.
The laboratory format refuses the “project based structure” described by Henri Bergson[2] as duration with the promise of a material result. Otherwise it focuses on the present moment that anticipates a future that cannot be known but on whose unfolding its identity depends. Inspired in the experimental artistic practices of the 60’s and 70’s such by Allan Kaprow or Fluxus, we search an emancipatory moment that commits art to what is still to come. Such proposal shows the temporality, and not the materiality of the artist’s LABOUR.

From the 15 to 24th of June 2017, Irene Pascual will be developing a work in progress installation. Her focus will be the establishment of a dialogue between the space of the gallery and the daily life of the street. The gallery window will operate as active membrane for exchange, communication and participation.

[1] Ric Allsopp at/im : MISPERFORMANCE / Essays in shifting perspectives. Von Marin Blažević, Lada Čale Feldman (2014)
[2] Henri Bergson at/im: DURATION AND SIMULTANEITY / The Library of Liberal Arts (1965)

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